May 27 Santiago

So today was a chill day. We had class in the morning as normal and then returned to ourhomestays for lunch. Many of us worked on our assignment which is due tonight. For the afternoon activity we watched American TV series dubbed in Spainsh. It was hilarious listening to the “Spanish” voices of characters that we are so accustomed to seeing and hearing.

We “bocadillared” for dinner (had sandwiches) and had great conversations about life and religion. I found it amazing that we were able to discuss religion without persecuting one another. It was one of the most respectful but intellectually stimulating conversations I have ever had. We discussed our reactions to the cathedral and the mass and compared them with what we have experienced in the United States.

I really feel like I have grown so much on this trip. The culture in Spain is quite different than what we are used to at home. The people can be friendly but they interact differently than we do. Many times, my homestay grandmother will sound like she is yelling at her husband but in reality she is just explaining something to him. It makes me wonder how they view us.

As much as I love it here, I’m ready to go home and see my friends and family (and my dog). See ya’ll on Thursday!

Today was a typical day in Santiago. The sun pretended to come out a couple times but disappeared again, then eventually it rained.
In class we talked about colloquial phrases often used in Spain. When literally translated, these phrases reference foods and do not make much sense. Once we learned the true meanings, the phrases became comical and rather useful. For instance, if you do not care about something, just say “me importa un pepino” (A cucumber is important to me). Cucumbers are apparently not important. Interesting, right?
Later, we watched popular tv shows (How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, House, etc) which had been translated into Spanish. This was an interesting experience as the voices were completely different from those on the English shows. Although this was expected, it was still strange and a bit distracting. It was easier to watch the episodes that I have seen at home because I understood the context and was able to just listen to the vocabulary used. Being such, I learned several new words, although most would only be used in colloquial settings.
After this, we ventured into souvenir shops around the Cathedral looking for anything fun and exciting we could bring home. (Just wait family!) Scarlett showed me a new cafe which had coffee in any form you could possibly want. We had caramel cappuccinos with about 6 inches of whipped cream on top of it, which provoked comments from a nearby table that only people from America drink such things. I proudly drank that cappuccino. We then ventured to an Italian restaurant for the 6th time while in Santiago. The servers know us by name and have conversations with us while we eat. Sounds odd to eat Italian food while in Spain but it is absolutely delicious.
Overall it was a simple, enjoyable day in Santiago. We are all preparing to leave tomorrow night which has brought bittersweet feelings. In our last bit of time we will be venturing out to all the places we have wanted to visit and buying last minute tokens to remind us of this amazing experience.

See you soon Virginia!



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