May 25 Excursion to Rías Bajas

The excursion to Rías Bajas (or Baixas if you’re from Galicia) was excellent.  Even though it was another early excursion we made the most of what time we had.  We stopped at many places including a soap museum that makes soap from the rich mineral water that is located in the region.  Even bought a couple bars as presents and some for myself since it made my hands feel all nice and smooth.  And before that we visited a church that was covered in shells and, of course, took pictures of it.  Later that day after we got back to Santiago, some of us went to a Star Wars Festival type get together in front of the catedral and got to hear Darth Vader speak in Spanish (Who knew that Spanish would be an official language of the Darkside?!) However the Star Wars Festival was a high point of the day because there were simply so many people there and Eli, Marcel, Cooper and I had a front row view of what was happening.  There we also saw all the important character from the movies as well as from some of the video games! But finally after the Festival I realized that my memory card was full in my camera which means I have gone through 16GB of pictures and videos since I’ve been in Spain which is nuts to me because it is roughly 1250 pictures and I’m still on the loose with my camera here beside me in the internet cafe.  Well, I guess that is all for now, we don’t have much time left here in España and will miss it until I visit again! Mom, love you give the animals pets for me and I wish dad would be around so that he could see all the crazy pictures I took. Happy Memorial Day Y’all!


After returning from our excursion to Rías Bajas, we were able to go to a Star Wars Parade that took place in front of the Cathedral de Santiago, which was an awesome experience.  One of our tour guides, Iñaki, let us know about the parade, because he helped organize it.  It was scheduled to start at 6:00, so all of the students that were interested arrived early to get a decent spot for pictures.  However, as we have come to realize, a Spaniard’s perception of 6:00 and an American’s perception of 6:00 are very different.  The parade began finally at roughly 7:45, to the tune of a Star Wars mixtape that rallied everyone’s (or at least all the nerdy folk’s) attention and enthusiasm.  One gentleman helping run the parade, had a remote controlled Allegiance Class Destroyer ship that he flew in the plaza, until the wind inhibited his control at least, when it crashed into the little child’s face standing in front of me (good thing he was there).  The parade proceeded on, and nearly every major character and many minor characters to ever appear on Star Wars was standing right in front of us.  These characters ranged from the giant, fat blob named Jabba the Hutt, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Jar Jar Binks, Chewbacca, Jango and Boba Fett, to R2-D2.  It was incredible to see so much interest in an American series in a Spanish culture, and was suprised to see how many people came out to the event.  Also, it was very surprising to see how many attractive girls participated in the parade.  We all seemed to enjoy ourselves, and it was a great opportunity to do something new in Spain.




One thought on “May 25 Excursion to Rías Bajas

  1. Just for clarification…. The Star Wars Parade actually did began at 6:00pm…. but we had to walk like a mile before we got to the plaza in front of the Cathedral. Moreover, we had to make a lot of stops in order to let all the people take photos. It was never intended for us to be on the square at 6:00…. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it a lot and that your memories of Spain are good! Come back for the next parade in 2017!!!!

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