May 21 Santiago

Today was an interesting day as we had class then… Salsa dancing! Well, learning in my case and most others. But as for the actual dancing I thought I was pretty good at it until we started mixing up the dance moves and couldn’t hear which ones were being called out.  I thought it would be like my old days back in high school for marching band however, I was a bit wrong because dancing is absolutely nothing like dancing in motion.  Otherwise it was a great experience for us all because it was something that most of us hadn’t done before and what a way to experience something for the first time in a different country, like squid and no, I shall never eat it again no matter how much my mom says its delicious. Sorry mom. But that was our experience salsa dancing and having fun in the process. -Phil

Today we went to a salsa class at a dance school here in Santiago. Barbara, the instructor, taught us the basic steps and then we practiced with partners. There were an odd number of people, so I got to dance with Barbara as my partner at first. Then we separated into two lines, guys (and the instructor) and girls, and rotated partners so that we got the chance to dance with everyone of the opposite gender. I had learned salsa before so it wasn’t hard for me to pick up on the steps, and I had a lot of fun. I hadn’t done salsa (or dance of any sort) in a long time so it was nice to get back into it. At the end of our dance class we broke up by gender again and had a competition. We each danced for a few minutes and saw who made the most mistakes. The girls won, which means that the guys are supposed to buy our drinks at dinner. We danced for probably an hour and a half but it seemed to go by really quickly.

We were able to find an internet café relatively close to the language school, so those of us without computers could work on our essays. It costs about 2 euros an hour to use internet there but after the school is closed it is really the only option, and it is a lot less crowded (not to mention quieter) than the public library. I was able to finish up my Camino Reflection paper, although some people are still working on theirs. I will probably end up going back the next time a major assignment is due. The first few days we were here I relied on my map to navigate the city, and I had to look at the corner of every street to make sure I was going in the right direction (instead of street signs, the names of streets are posted on the corners of buildings at intersections). Now that we have been here for a while I have gotten a general idea of how to get around the city, and don’t need to use a map as much.




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