May 19 Excursion to La Barbanza Peninsula

Today was an amazing day! We had a full day excursion to the peninsula of Barbanza. Everyone met near the school at a little before 9 AM to get on the bus. We were all exhausted and just wanted to sleep in. The bus took us through little towns along the coast of Spain while the tour guide explained various aspects of the architecture and agriculture. There was a short stop at a small town for a bathroom break. Many of us bought coffee or pastries and walked along the beach looking at the various fishing vessels. The weather was very unpredictable. One second it would be sunny and beautiful and the next it would get dark and start to rain.

We boarded the bus and then headed up a mountain to take in the spectacular views. There were purple and yellow flowers in bloom all over the mountains and we could see the small towns and ocean below.
Next the group visited an ancient tomb. It reminded me of Stonehenge.

The tour guide then took us to a lighthouse and we finally had a chance to climb on the rocks and stick our feet in the ocean. We stayed there for some period of time then got back on the bus to go visit a sand dune. It was so huge! There were signs everywhere that required visitors to remain on the wooden walkways in order to preserve the sand dune and the surrounding habitat.

Once again, we boarded the bus and headed towards another small town. We were given some free time to eat our lunches that our families packed us or purchase bocadillos (sandwiches) in the restaurant. Marg, Quint, Phil, and I decided to go exploring. We made our way through the woods behind the restaurant and followed the sounds of the ocean. We found an outcrop of rocks and climbed them only to discover a beach a few hundred yards below us. We made our way down to the beach only to find signs that said “Playa Nudista.” Luckily we were the only ones there and we remained fully clothed except for our shoes. We also noticed a peninsula the had strange circles made of rocks. Little did we know that these were the Celtic ruins that we were going to visit after lunch (We really should have paid more attention to the tour guide).

The ruins were SO COOL! We all found ourselves exploring the ruins and the cliffs after our lunch break. Many of us climbed the rock cliffs (Mom, I promise I was VERY careful 😉 ) and found places to stretch out and enjoy the sun and listen to the sounds of the waves crashing on the rocks. Surprisingly, it did not rain the whole time we were at the ruins. This is quite rare for Galicia.

Reluctantly, we were rounded up and got on the bus once more to go visit two very old churches. One of the churches was converted into a museum and was closed on Sunday. However, we were able to walk around it and study the building and surrounding cemetery. The tour guide explained how in past centuries, the tombs were marked with the deceased’s profession. She showed us various symbols and explained the different jobs the people had like fishing or masonry. The second church we entered was beautiful but solemn. There were many images of Christ’s suffering. After some time we headed back to the bus with a short stop at a bakery which had delicious chocolates and pastries. All in all, it was a great way to spend a Sunday in Galicia.


Shout outs!

Mom- No but really, I was SUPER careful on the rocks. Please remind Dad to feed my fish. Love you.

Dad- PLEASE feed my fish. I miss you bunches and can’t wait to show you all the rocks and seashells I found.

Nick- Check your e-mail often ❤


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