May 18 Excursion to A Coruña

Coruña was an excellent city filled with lively people and tourists. Its coast line was magnificent and rocky, which provided excellent climbing opportunities. There is something about the ocean that can make me feel so small, yet empowered. When standing on the rocks and gazing into the distance, I felt swallowed and overwhelmed by rough waves and blustering winds. The waves splashing and clashing with the rocks seemed to scream danger and extreme power. Inside I cower with fear at the immense scene, but on the outside I look confident with my feet spread apart and my hands up in the air. I draw this confidence from the fear within, but also from the sense of belonging and being a part of something bigger than human life itself. I gain strength from the Coruñan waves and I feel proud to stand on rocks that were formed by God himself. Empowerment comes from these waves, but they also remind me that nature is fierce and could swallow me whole if I do not appreciate it with distance. As I inched furhter on the rocks to get a closer look at such a beauiful scene, our tour guide screamed at me from afar to get off the rocks because they are hazardous. It was in that moment that I realized every rose has its thorn and that with every beautiful thing, there comes a consequence or a hazard. I have found a thorn in these incredible waves that so readily take my breath away and could potentially take my life away. These waves have taught me to love, but with caution.



The Coruña coastline The Coruña coastline


I was not feeling too great in A Coruna, still not used to the Galician weather, but I felt like this excursion gave us a real taste of Spanish culture.  We stopped in a square and got to wander for a while.  We looked inside a nearby church, then came back to the main square.  Originally I just wanted some cough drops and maybe a snack (and I did find Ricola), but when we saw a band playing outside we went over to listen.  They were singing in gallego, and I couldn’t pick up on much of what they were saying, but I did recognize part of the song–we had heard it before in the Galician music demonstration at one of the albergues. I didn’t recognize all of the instruments–they were mostly stringed instruments of different sizes–but the Celtic influence was clear. A large group of people had gathered around the band and many were singing and dancing.  It was a great experience.

The restaurants in the square all had these glass buildings outside.  My assumption is that they are for people to get the atmosphere of eating outside without having to deal with cold, rainy weather.



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