May 10 O Porriño


Eli and Felicity are walking over the creek via a bridge built by Romans.


This is a monument dedicated to St. Elmo. People often light candles near this cross.


This is the albergue in O Porrino. Reminds me of camp…with more snoring.

Hey everyone! Day 1 of El Camino was quite a challenge. We left the albergue around 8 am and headed to “El Cielo” for coffee, orange juice, and breads. We then hit the road and eventually segregated into groups. My hiking group consisted of Eli, Marguerite, Felicity, and Phillip with others joining and departing along the way. Part of our journey had a soundtrack thanks to Josh and his guitar. He made up lyrics about walking to Santiago to melodies of songs like “Wagon Wheel.” The boost in morale so early in the morning was very appreciated. 

Part of El Camino went through beautiful woods with fountains and monuments to St. Elmo. We also walked through an industrial park, which was not as lovely and resulted in some sunburns. Many of us stopped for a wonderful lunch in a garden that looked like it was taken from a painting. The food was absolutely exquisite!

In my opinion, the best part of the walk today was when we crossed a Roman bridge above a small creek. The bridge had grooves in it from the many carts that passed over it in the medieval days.

After a few backpack readjustments, we arrived at O Porrino. Some of us enjoyed a nap while others went in search of food. My hiking group decided to have the pilgrim’s menu at a hotel restaurant in the city. There was so much food for only 9 Euros. I’m really going to miss the food when we come back to the states. Well that’s all for today. Go Maroons!


-Kaylani (Kayla)


Shout outs!

Mom- I got your e-mail. Sorry I haven’t responded yet. WiFi and devices to use the WiFi are scarce. I love you so much!

Dad- Hey! Thanks for feeding my fish. You are awesome. Looooveeeee You!

Nick- You make me smile ❤


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