May 9 Tui

Our albergue:


The Cathedral in Tui:

For our second day in Spain we paid a visit to the “Catedral de Tui” which was dedicated to one “San Telmo” who despite his title isn’t actually a saint. Come to think of it, the cathedral was more like a medieval fort than a church, with tombs, alcoves, a courtyard with a garden in the middle, and a watchtower.

019The watchtower was really cool, and was made cooler by the climb up uneven stairs in pitch black darkness.

011But the best part of the whole experience was the absolutely awe inspiring view, complete with a river, trees, clouds, the occasional windmill, and a picturesque Valenca do Minho our first stop on the camino and my first visit to Portugal.

– Marcel



Also, on our second day here, we walked over to Portugal in order to officially “start” our Camino de Santiago, where we actually began following the famous yellow arrows that direct the Camino.  This was the sign/mural that we passed as we hiked into the fortress-like city, which was very beautiful.  The city overlooked a river, which was between Tui and Portugal.  We were able to visit local shops/diners while in Portugal, which was interesting because not all of them spoke Spanish, rather Portuguese and some English.  It was a very interesting and beautiful city, and was a great experience.  The lower picture is the group of students on the trip while on top of the fortress, overlooking the river below.  The walls surrounding the city were nearly 40-50 feet per tier, and some levels had many tiers.  The uppermost level is where the town was located, as were the old canons which were used in war against the Spaniards.  It was a unique experience to go through the fort and the city it encompasses, and was definitely a great way to spend our second day.


DSCN0180[1]DSCN0195[1] (Top left to right):  Ted, Marcel, Scarlet, Phil, Quint, Emily, Eli, Cooper, Julia.  Bottom:  Iris, Felicity, Kayla, Marguerite, Laura, and Josh


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