May 8 Tui

Just a quick update – after a long night and day of travel, we have arrived in Tui, our starting point for the Camino. Tomorrow is a rest day and we will walk over the bridge to Valenca, Portugal.

Waiting for our plane in Madrid:

064 Our first meal in Spain! Yes, for the adventuresome souls, there was octopus on the menu:


067I’ll get the students to start posting tomorrow. We are all pretty worn out by jet lag.


When we first arrived in Tui we were greeted by a very amicable man in José Manuel who showed us the way to the Albergue. We quickly found our way upstairs to our rooms and I found them to be muuuuch nicer than what I had anticipated given some of the horror stories that I have heard in the past about hostels. From here Phil and I decided to go for a walk around the city and get to know it a little bit, given that we weren’t quite hungry yet. One of my favorite memories of the trip so far and one that I will recount for years and years to come happened within half an hour of walking around in this lovely little city. As we came upon a plaza we saw a small child of about 8-10 years of age kicking a football against a concrete wall that was in front of him, occasionally practicing penalty kicks, free kicks, tricks, dribble moves, and the like. One could tell by the way he was acting that his imagination was on in full force and he was pretending to be his favorite player in a vital situation. Not wanting to stare, I looked away for a few seconds, but I was drawn to him by my love of football and desire to see the beautiful game played in the street for pure fun. When my gaze returned to him I saw that he was rolled up in a ball, clutching his ankle in pain, and rolling around on the ground. I quickly called out “¿Estás bien amigo?”, not wanting to leave someone in need without help. He responded with a sheepish smile by looking up and saying “Sí…” as he got up, returning to normal play. He was pretending to dupe the fake referee into calling a foul in his mental gametime situation and awarding his side a potentially decisive penalty!



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